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The basic page structure for all the pages in a Hobo Rapid application. Providing the doctype, page title, standard stylesheet javascript includes, the ajax progress spinner, default header with app-name, account navigation, main navigation, and live search, empty section for the page content, flash message (if any) and an empty page footer.

The easiest way to see what this tag does is to look at the source.


  • head
    • title
    • stylesheets
      • app-stylesheet
    • scripts
      • javascript
      • fix-ie6
      • custom-scripts
      • application-javascript
  • body
    • ajax-progress
    • header
      • account-nav
      • app-name
      • live-search
      • main-nav
    • content
    • footer
    • page-scripts


  • title - the page title, will have “: <app-name>” appended
  • full-title - the full page title. Set this if you do not want the app name suffix.

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