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Call with the context set to a record. Repeats the content of the tag with this and this_field set to the value and name of each of the record’s fields in turn. E.g. this is useful for generating a form containing each of the fields. Tags like <field-list> and <table> forward their attributes to this tag and also have the features described here. For example, the fields attribute to <field-list> supports the same options as described here.

This tag is in need of a review - it’s a bit funky.


  • default
  • default


  • fields - set to one of:

    • A model class - equivalent to listing all of the regular ‘content columns’ of that model
    • *’ - equivalent to listing all of the regular ‘content columns’ of the current record
    • A comma separated list of field names. Defaults to ’*
  • associations - set to has_many to select the associations has_many relationships used as the “fields”. Do not also give the fields attribute.

  • skip - comma separated list of field names to omit.

  • skip-associations - set to has-many to omit all has_many associations.

  • include-timestamps - whether or not to include the standard ActiveRecord timestamp fields such as created_at and updated_at. Defaults to false.

  • force-all - by default fields are skipped if the current user does not have view permission. Set force-all to true to skip this permission check and include all the fields.

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