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Last updated: 2012-03-29

Hobo Contrib

This is a simple Rails plugin that works with Hobo.

It consists of a variety of tags that can be used unchanged with Hobo. Each tag is too small to warrant the overhead of being a separate plugin.

Any tag in this library may become part of Hobo in the future, if Tom Locke so ordains.


Install with

ruby script/plugin install git://github.com/bryanlarsen/hobo-contrib.git

The plugin has an install script which will copy some assets to your public directory. The install scripts concatenate all javascripts into hobo-contrib.js and stylesheets into hobo-contrib.css. If you wish to use the individual files, they are available in vendor/plugins/hobo-contrib/public.

If you download a new version of hobo-contrib, please be sure to update your local hobo-contrib.js and hobo-contrib.css with:

rake hobo_contrib:update_assets   

This is also useful if you installed hobo-contrib via git rather than using script/plugin.

You then need to include the taglib, e.g. in application.dryml:

<include src="hobo-contrib-all" plugin="hobo-contrib"/>

Alternatively, you may wish to only include certain tags. In that case you may use a form such as:

<include src="select-one-or-field-list" plugin="hobo-contrib"/>

If you use this form, you will also have to include any possible javascript or stylesheet assets manually:

<extend tag="page">
   <old-page merge>
       <javascript name="feckless-fieldset" />
       <stylesheet name='feckless-fieldset.css' />


If the end user will have to edit your tag before use, please create a recipe instead.

If your tag is small and self contained, please send me a pull request or an email.

If your contribution is large or has external dependencies, please create your own plugin and send me the link.


Auto generated documentation on GitHub.

Auto generated documentation on HoboCentral


There are some additional tests available for this project in the contrib-test branch of the agility tutorial on github.

API documentation