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Last updated: 2012-03-29

Hobo JQuery

This is a simple Rails plugin that works with Hobo.

It adds a bunch of tags to Hobo that instantiate various JQuery UI widgets.


Install with

rails plugin install git://github.com/bryanlarsen/hobo-jquery.git -r rails3

or add

gem "hobo-jquery", :git => "git://github.com/bryanlarsen/hobo-jquery.git", :branch => "rails3"

to your Gemfile.

Install the javascript and css files with

rails generate hobo_jquery:install

To use, you need to include hobo-jquery and add the assets to your page. In your application.dryml:

if you installed it as a plugin:

<include plugin="hobo-jquery" />

if you installed it as a gem:

<include gem="hobo-jquery" />

in both cases you must add also:

<extend tag="page">
  <old-page merge>


Hobo Jquery calls jQuery.noConflict() to avoid conflicts with prototype. $ is still bound to prototype.js. To use jQuery, use jQuery instead of $.


Auto generated documentation on HoboCentral.

API documentation