Generating DRYML from the command line

Posted by Bryan Larsen.

This recipe is obsolete, there’s now a much easier way. See this hobo-users post.

After using DRYML for a while, you may want to generate HTML for use outside of rails. Here’s how I did it. Note that both of these files live inside a working Hobo skeleton.


desc "render test.dryml"
task :render_test => ["#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/views/taglibs/test.dryml", :environment] do |t|
  src = open(t.prerequisites.first).read
  locals = []
  imports = []
  renderer_class = Hobo::Dryml.make_renderer_class(src, File.dirname(t.prerequisites.first), locals, imports)
  assigns = {}
  view =, assigns)  
  renderer =, ".dryml"), view)
  page_this = nil
  page_locals = []
  puts renderer.render_page(page_this, page_locals).strip


<include src="core" plugin="hobo/hobo"/>
<include src="rapid" plugin="hobo/hobo"/>

<def tag="hello">

  <hello />

and then to get the html:

rake render_test

Note: Most tags work, but the <repeat> tag does not yet – the functions needed are provided by renderer_class but aren’t being found. If you can help, please comment!

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