using a name-one one a model with a generated field for a name:

Posted by Bryan Larsen.

Suppose you have a model that uses a generated field for its name:

class User
  def name
    "#{first_name} #{last_name}"

Now suppose that you have an Institution that belongs_to :contact, :class_name => "User". And suppose you want to use a name-one to choose the contact:

<extend tag="form" for="Institution">
  <old-form merge>

The next step is to autocomplete support to the users controller. I recently added support to hobo_completions to allow the completer to search more than one field. (In other words, this will not work with Hobo 0.8.8, you need 0.8.9 or edge Hobo) Let’s take advantage of this:

class UsersController < ApplicationController
  autocomplete :name, :query_scope => [:first_name_contains, :last_name_contains]

Now the autocompleter should work. However, if you submit the form, you get an error complaining that find_by_name doesn’t exist. Let’s fix that:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

  def self.find_by_name(name)
    names = name.split(' ')
    (0..(names.length-2)).inject(nil) do |result, n|
      result ||= self.find_by_first_name_and_last_name(names[0..n].join(' '), names[1..(n+1)].join(' '))

The code is a little tricky simply because we wish to handle both “Vince van Vickel” and “Mary Sue Jones” appropriately.

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