Using Lightbox with Hobo

Posted by Dean.

Lightbox is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page that is used on many web sites and integrates well with Paperclip.

Using Lightbox with Hobo is very straight forward.

Install Lightbox

Download the code from

Copy builder.js, scriptaculous.js, lightbox.js to public/javascripts in your Hobo project.

Copy lightbox.css to public/stylesheets in your Hobo project.

Copy the contents of images to public/images in your Hobo project.

Include the Lightbox Javascript and Stylesheet

In application.dryml, extend the page tag to include the Lightbox javascript and stylesheet.

<extend tag="page">
  <old-page merge>
      <javascript name="scriptaculous.js?load=effects,builder"/>
      <javascript name="lightbox.js"/>
      <stylesheet name="lightbox.css" media="screen"/>

Fix a Couple of Issues

In lightbox.js, change the following line:

LightboxOptions = Object.extend({
    fileLoadingImage:        '/images/loading.gif',
    fileBottomNavCloseImage: '/images/closelabel.gif',

In lightbox.css, change the following line:

#prevLink, #nextLink{ width: 49%; height: 100%; background-image: url(); 
    /* Trick IE into showing hover */ display: block; background-color: transparent; border: 0}

Modify the Card Tag for Images

In your application.dryml, extend the Card for images:

<extend tag="card" for="Image" >
  <old-card merge>
    <heading: param>
      <a href="#{this.image.url}" rel="lightbox[#{type_name(:plural => :true,
         :lowercase => :true, :dasherize => :true)}]">
        <img src="#{this.image.url :thumbnail}"/>

This card will display the thumbnail of images uploaded using Paperclip and display the larger version when the user clicks on it. When showing a collection of images, clicking on a thumbnail with present a slideshow of the collection that the user can page through. Images can have a title included by adding a title= attribute to the < a > tag.

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