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Last updated: 2011-02-25
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Hobo in Two Minutes

To build a Hobo 1.3 app you need to have a working Rails setup. If you can create a Rails app and have it connect to a database, you’re all set. You need at least version 3.0 of Rails:

 $ rails -v

First install Hobo:

$ gem install hobo

Now create an app! We’ve only got two minutes so we’ll create an ultra-useful Thing Manager.

$ hobo new thingybob --setup

...Lots of output as Hobo runs the rails command and runs the setup generator

$ cd thingybob
$ hobo g resource thing name:string body:text
$ hobo g migration

...Respond to the prompt with 'm'
...then press enter to chose the default filename

$ rails s

And browse to


And there is your app! You should be able to

  • Sign up
  • Create and edit Things
  • Search for things

That’s it. Why not try another of the tutorials on your left.